To use tea bags or tea leaves; the decision can be based on many factors including the tea quality, health benefits, flavours, aroma, and even your personal preferences like how well you need your tea brewing.

The quality factors

The quality of a good cup of tea is heavily influenced by its ingredients. For those wondering why loose-leaf tea tastes richer in quality when kept beside tea bags, it essentially boils down to how loose-leaf tea consists of whole leaves of tea as opposed to tea bags which are made up of tea dust. If you have been a fan of all the monotonous flavours coming from your tea bag, brace yourself to be overjoyed with full leaf tea and all the refined flavours it encapsulates. Next time you are dreaming of that perfect cup of tea, check out the full range of green tea, loose black tea, organic tea, and much more by Anverally & Sons; devoted to gratifying all tea lovers with premium quality products, it offers single chamber tea bags, pyramid tea bags and loose tea packets for you to choose from.

The healthier option

Be it from tea bags or full tea leaves, having a cup of tea can give you solace after a long day and keep your spirits rejuvenated. While one cannot simply argue on what is healthier, it is no secret that tea made of full tea leaves would always taste bolder and better simply for all the rich flavours it holds. The environmentally-friendly choice Loose tea leaves are compostable, and entail no metal staples, strings, tea bags, or any other adhesives like tea bags, naturally making them the environmentally sound option.

Methods of preparation

Be it from a tea bag or a loose tea packet, making a good cup of tea is no magic. All you need is a hot cup of water, a tea bag or loose tea, and a teapot if using loose tea. Yet, if you want to catch a glimpse of how your tea leaves spur and unfold as they are being brewed to give you that ideal blend of flavours, try using loose leaf tea.