Loose leaf tea or tea bags- What’s your pick?

To use tea bags or tea leaves; the decision can be based on many factors including the tea quality, health benefits, flavours, aroma, and even your personal preferences like how well you need your tea brewing.

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Tea: Quality over quantity? A peek into tea certifications and safety

While there is no hard and fast rule on the number of certifications a tea brand can have, a tea brand with all the essential quality and safety certifications will earn a long line of loyal consumers impatiently awai...

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The Ultimate Guide for Ceylon Tea – Learn about your favourite beverage

There’s nothing like a freshly brewed cup of Ceylon tea to start your day. Fans of tea know that Ceylon tea has so much history, and you are about to learn all about it! So, keep reading!

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Why You Need to Drink Ceylon Tea – Check Out These Amazing Mental Health Benefits

Famed the world over, Ceylon Tea from Sri Lanka is not only a rejuvenating beverage to enjoy each day, but also one that offers many benefits for your mental health. Intrigued? Read on to find out more!

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The Glorious History of Ceylon tea – A thirst-quenching journey into history

The British introduced tea to Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon. The history of Ceylon tea is long. If you are an ardent tea lover, it’s only natural that you need to know more about your favourite beverage.

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Grades of Ceylon Tea – A bit of in-depth knowledge

Ceylon tea is one of the most loved beverages in the world. With a history going back to the British colonial era, Ceylon tea is a household name in many countries.

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10 Evidence-based Benefits of Green Tea. Why you should drink green tea

Green tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the world; there’s a reason for that. Apart from its nutty, floral, buttery, and floral flavours, green tea offers numerous health benefits.

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Types of Tea You Can Try in Sri Lanka

When it comes to tea, nothing beats a rejuvenating cup of pure Ceylon Tea; Sri Lanka is where this popular tea comes from that has captivated people from around the world with its rich flavours and pleasing aromas. Fi...

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