There is a refund period of 7 days if the reason specified is:

  • Complete shipment arrives broken or damaged
  • Product does not match key features in online description
  • Product is sent in the wrong style or quantity
  • Partial shipment arrives damaged or broken

In the above cases, you will never be asked to pay any hidden penalty fees, surcharges or return shipping fees.

However, a refund or exchange will not be possible if:

  • Tags have been removed.

For Credit Card and Debit Card Payments (Online or at Store)

Please note that refunds can only be made back to the card used to make the payment. Please check your statement after 7 to 10 working days to find your refund. If the refund doesn’t appear after 10 days, please email us immediately to

Shipping & Payment

We have partnered with Aramex Courier Company to cater to our delivery needs. A professional courier company is less inclined to make any kinds of errors or mistakes, thus meeting our criteria of being a great experience for our customers.

Our Local deliveries usually complete within 1-2 working days but we have specified the delivery period as 2-4 working days and International deliveries usually complete within 1-2 weeks but we have specified the delivery period as 2-4 weeks to ensure that you do not get disappointed in case of unexpected external factors such as political rallies, bad weather conditions, and seasonal traffic surges etc…

As mentioned in the checkout page, Delivery Is Available Worldwide and All Over Sri Lanka for a reasonable and nominal fee.

Bank Deposit

You can deposit the invoice amount to one of our bank accounts and confirm with us by call, email, whatsapp or facebook. We will then ship the goods to you as soon as we verify the payment.

Please note that until you deposit to the bank, the stock will not be reserved. It’s advised that you call us just before you put the deposit to the bank to ensure stock availability.

Cash on Delivery

As the name says, you pay the full amount at the point of delivery.

Please note that Cash on Delivery is not available outside Colombo and suburbs. This was a difficult decision to make but a decision nevertheless that had to happen due to inefficient payment system by the courier companies.

Online Credit Card Payment

If you have a Visa / Master credit or debit card, you can make the payment online and immediately confirm your order.

All card payments online and offline are processed by Webxpay Global Payments.

Also note that if you are paying from outside the country, or if we have a doubt in the transaction with relation to card ownership, we might ask for more details for verification purposes. This is an internationally approved verification method used by other payment processors as well.

Pay at Office

You can also visit our store at make the payment via Cash or Visa / Master debit card.