Black and Green Tea for All

Growing Glory

The Sultan brand has become a firm favourite in Africa region for over a decade but gaining in popularity in the middle east as well. Enjoy a premium tea experience with a select blend of earl grey tea brands, black tea, green tea and fruit infusions with its distinctive colours, aromas and flavours such as strawberry tea, vanilla tea and mango tea.

  • Tea Bags
  • Loose Tea
Tea Bags
Loose Tea
  • With envelope or with out envelope

  • Flavouerd & Unflavoured herbal & fruit infusions

  • Black Tea / Green Tea

  • 25tb / 50tb /100tb

  • Flavouerd & Unflavoured

  • Black Tea / Green Tea

  • 25tb /50TB / 100TB

  • Flavouerd & Unflavoured

  • Black Tea & Green Tea

  • 250g /400g / 500g

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