When it comes to tea, nothing beats a rejuvenating cup of pure Ceylon Tea; Sri Lanka is where this popular tea comes from that has captivated people from around the world with its rich flavours and pleasing aromas. First introduced during British colonial rule in 1867 by James Taylor, Ceylon Tea has a rich heritage linked with leading local tea exporters such as Anverally & Sons that has a history of over 125 years. The time-honoured techniques and traditions of manufacturing this tea continue and can be enjoyed both in Sri Lanka and across the world. As you shall soon find out below, there are diverse tea varieties from this island that you can enjoy apart from the famed black tea. These varieties are worth savouring and provide a delicious cup of tea that you are bound to want to relish each day!

  1. Black Tea
    Ceylon Black Tea
  2. Green Tea
    Ceylon Green Tea
  3. Herbal Tea
    Ceylon Herbal Tea
  4. White Tea
    Ceylon White Tea
  5. Yellow Tea
    Ceylon Yellow Tea